Departing from Belgium: The Odyssey!

Our target was to leave Belgium on Wednesday the 27th of July. But before we had to carry on the following tasks:

-Sell all our furniture and appliances
-Pack all our stuff
-Completely clean the apartment to return it to the landlord

It seem like straight forward tasks.... but we overestimated them! We were able to sell all the furniture but we ended up with a lot of small stuff (frames, kitchenware, etc)

Our living room looked like complete chaos on Tuesday,

While packing our stuff we realized that we stored a lot of useless things during these 5 years in Belgium. A lesson was learned! every year we need to do a clean up and trash old stuff and give away clothes that we are not wearing!

Second lesson learned.... just for Juana :P : "I will never again put stickers in the windows! even if they make the living room beautiful" because it is a true pain to remove them and clean!!!

after a couple of hours we were able to remove them completely... but it was a pain! never again :P

Thanks god we hired a cleaning lady to helps us to clean the whole apartment.... after 5 hours it was clean!!!!

Next task, fit everything in the car..... guess what!!! It didn't fit!!! Ahahhahah! we had over estimated the space we had in the car :P at this point we had no were to keep our things since we had to leave the apartment and our stuff didn't fit in the car... not the ideal situation you want to be!

Solution, give away the extra stuff we were planing to take... and the frames we had in mind to take... broke completely during the move... so problem solved... take out the picture and trash them.

Was quite a stressful day! by then it was 1AM and no way we could drive 2200km to Portugal. So we departed the next day in the early morning (7.30AM).

This is how it looked inside our car:

Crossing France looks like the never ending drive... men that country is huge!!!... we arrived in Spain around 6PM
Still 911km to go!! We arrived in Portugal at 6AM the next day.... after a very very long drive!


  1. Hehe, great! Where are you now in Portugal? :-)

  2. Hi Dave! we are in Lisbon! :) are you traveling to Portugal?

  3. Nein, no Portugal for me this year. We've decided to go to the south of France, surrounded by vineyards...
    Enjoy Portugal, and the rest of the trip! Don't forget to take pictures ;-)


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